Please click on the appropriate release form and complete it, then bring your ID to the front counter. 


Release Form (18+)

Release Form (Minor)



Utah State law requires that we verify that you are over 18. We will accept any government issued ID that has your name, photo and date of birth listed on it. 


Utah State law requires that all minors be accompanied by and have consent from a parent or legal guardian to be pierced. That means that we must have proper identification for a parent or guardian, the minor, and proof of relationship. You must bring one of each of the documents below with you when you come in to get pierced. If you do not have proper identification, we will not be able to pierce you. 

  • Identification for parent or legal guardian: Government issued photo identification
  • Identification for minor: Government issued photo identification, school ID with photo or school yearbook with name and photo
  • Proof of relationship: Birth Certificate with accompanying parent's name on it or guardianship documents that are court ordered or notarized